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Cairns Motel Accommodation

If you are heading to Cairns for a weekend, a break, a long holiday, or traveling on business, choosing appropriate Cairns Motel Accommodation is essential to a successful trip.

The reason behind your travel will have an impact on the type of Cairns Motel Accommodation you choose. This is why Reef Palms have tailored Self Contained Accommodation Cairns that suit your needs.

Romantic Weekend

If you are planning a weekend with your significant other, your Cairns Motel Accommodation choice is going to be a major part of the process. If you are usually city dwellers then choosing Reef Palms Self Contained Accommodation Cairns would be great for a change of scenery due to our beautiful tropical views. Choosing Reef Palms lodges will set the theme for a wonderful weekend for you and your loved one. You can dine out at our local romantic eateries. And you will be able to enjoy Reef Palm’s luxurious bedroom suite.

Family Holiday

Reef Palms is an ideal Self Contained Accommodation Cairns for a family holiday. The motel is within walking distance of parks and playgrounds. Therefore, you will feel safe about your children getting out on their own. Reef Palms will also provide you with separate family rooms for sleeping, a kitchen in the unit, and laundry facilities.

Weekend with Friends

If you and a group of friends are planning to head away for a few days together in Cairns. Then a Reef Palms Cairns Motel Accommodation is the perfect option for you. You will have separate bedrooms, additional lodging spaces, and a kitchen for self-catering. Sharing the cost between a group makes this option economical as well as fun.

Business Travel

If you are heading to Cairns for a few days on business. Reef Palms Self Contained Accommodation Cairns will be an ideal option for you. Reef Palms makes sure to provide you with the facilities you require in your business. Including a space to work with an internet connection, a space within the venue to conduct a meeting if that is required. A laundry service, and easy access to meals, either in-house or at nearby cafes and restaurants.

Exceeding Your Expectations with our Self Contained Accommodation Cairns


Reef Palms Cairns Motel Accommodation takes care of the small things to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible. We provide 24-hour reception so that your needs are catered to at any time.

Reef Palms also provide In-room amenities like:

  • Microwaves.
  • Refrigerator.
  • A hairdryer.
  • LCD television.
  • A well-stocked mini-bar with snacks and refreshments.
  • An electronic safe to store your belongings.
  • A direct dialing telephone to keep you connected with family and friends.
  • Individual Air-Conditioning/Heat control.
  • Convenient laundry and room services.

When you select Reef Palms’ aesthetically decorated motel rooms to stay in for your trip to the tropical city of Cairns. The staff will make sure that you have a restful stay there. Additionally, since Reef Palms is a Cairns Accommodation Near Airport, guests can also take advantage of the car hire services provided by the motel on your arrival and departure. Also, Reef Palms provide a variety of business and leisure amenities provided at the front desk. Along with the expert services of a doctor on call, in case you happen to be injured during your morning activities.

Quality of rooms

Reef Palms Self Contained Accommodation Cairns provide a queen size bed to make sure that the residents are comfortable in their night sleep. The rooms are also equipped with HVAC systems for your convenience to adjust the climate to your preference. Reef Palms rooms also contain other nice touches that include a toaster, cutlery, and equipment to make coffee and tea. It goes without saying, that the rooms and surroundings and routinely cleaned to maintain a top-notch sanitary condition.

Depending on your comfort and preference, you can choose:

  • Single rooms
  • Queen Studio / Twin Studio
  • Triple / Quad (Deluxe Family)
  • Spa Studios

To pamper you with luxury and comfort. Reef Palms’ Cairns Motel Accommodation also provides complimentary fruits and mineral water on arrival.


The best choice to make on your trip is to find a Cairns Accommodation Near Airport. This way you can ensure that you will not have to face the traffic and focus on having fun. This is why Reef Palms’ distinct location is ideal for travelers. It is only 4km from the Airport and 2km from the center of the city. It is also close to all the cafes and restaurants that Cairns is famous for. This way, you can concentrate on the business engagements or leisure activities that you are in Cairns for.


You should never compromise your safety for whatever reason – Safety comes first. Reef Palms’ Cairns Motel Accommodation takes note of every safety feature and detail to guarantee the safety and comfort of the residents. At Reef Palms, we make sure that our residents have a clear mind and a memorable time.


With Reef Palms Self Contained Accommodation Cairns, you can expect ample, secure parking that is easily accessible from the rooms. We make sure that it is easy to drive in and out of the motel at any given time with no problems.


Motels generally have a reputation for being noisy. This is however not the case with Reef Palms Cairns Motel Accommodation. Reef Palms constructed the motel in a way to leave spaces between rooms to minimize the noise levels you experience. Some rooms also provide additional features like insulated ceilings to further reduce noise.

Tips on Choosing the Right Cairns Motel Accommodation for Your Trip

While the hotels in Cairns are often related to the gleaming lights of massive cities. And are a well-liked choice of Self Contained Accommodation Cairns for the visitors who are heading to Cairns for vacation. The standard Cairns Motel Accommodation provides a cozy Self Contained Accommodation Cairns for independent travelers on the road.

Private Self Contained Accommodation Cairns chains have gained popularity and are commonly located on major roads and highways. Typically, within the countryside or tropical areas. A reasonable kind of lodging in Cairns that attracts not only motorists in transit but also families and business travelers. Ones who are trying to find an accommodation experience that is magnificent. Motels fill the need of their guests for reasonable, accessible Cairns Motel Accommodation for the night which will ease the tedium of long road journeys.

Is a Cairns Motel Accommodation Ideal for Vacation?

Some Self Contained Accommodation Cairns are ideal for extended stays, like those with individual cabins set against the calm backdrop of lush forests, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a unique environment. Generally, motels everywhere have certainly improved on their standards so as to satisfactorily fulfill their guests’ needs. Particularly the larger Motel chains in Cairns.

Besides being easily accessible from roads and the airport, another salient feature of Cairns Motel Accommodation is that they consist of several buildings surrounding a central parking zone, leading to a square or U-shaped configuration.

This means that the motel doors can open out onto the guests’ vehicles Making it a breeze for the loading and unloading of bags. Furthermore, such a design helps guests to stay an in-depth watch on their cars which are parked right outside their rooms, which is particularly crucial if valuables are being kept inside the cars.

Benefits of Staying in a Cairns Motel Accommodation For a Trip

The main perk of selecting a motel over other sorts of Self Contained Accommodation Cairns is certainly its relatively low room rates. However, these rates vary significantly depending on the situation. For instance, you will get a really comfortable bedroom within the countryside for an equivalent cost as a smaller one in or near the town.

Hence, conducting research on the rates of Cairns Motel Accommodation within the particular area. You will be visiting or stopping by is vital to work out the amount of money that you simply are willing to spend on your vacation in Cairns Motel Accommodation. Online hotel booking portals can provide you with the knowledge that you simply need. Because many of them have a wide variety of motels in the city of Cairns in their database too.

While motels are naturally an easy Accommodation option, many chain Cairns Motel Accommodation nowadays are equipped with some useful Amenities to draw in potential guests. For instance, complimentary high-speed Internet, hearty breakfasts, swimming pools, fitness centers. And even shuttle services to either the Airport or popular tourist attractions are getting increasingly common amenities. Also, some Cairns Motel Accommodation are pet-friendly and permit pets to remain within the premises with their owners.

Tips on Choosing the Right Cairns Motel Accommodation

It is important that you simply make the right choice for your motel to enjoy a reasonable yet comfortable Cairns Motel Accommodation. Hence, you would be advised to research online which Cairns Motel Accommodation is ready to live up to your expectations.

In this regard, you will want to think about chain Cairns Motel Accommodation. This is often because, with established motel chains. You will presumably be assured of a minimum standard of cleanliness and services. You will also want to form an inventory of all the amenities that you are trying to find during a Cairns Motel Accommodation and use this list to assist you to select the right Cairns Motel Accommodation for your needs.

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