Reef Palms Motel Apartments Cairns

Reef Palms Motel Apartments is a great value motel that is centrally located in Cairns and offers a relaxed, tropical environment for its guests.

Self-contained accommodation to suit a variety of travellers. Whether you’re a guest visiting on business, a couple, or a family on holiday in Tropical North Queensland, our comfortable accommodation will ensure your stay is memorable.

Reef Palms Motel Apartments in Cairns is close to all the amenities you could ever need. Restaurants, cafes and shops are only a short walk away. Whether you are in Cairns for business or pleasure, Reef Palms is a great value motel that offers a relaxed and comfortable stay for all its guests. FREE WiFi Access is available for all our In House guests.

Located 4km from the Airport and only 2km from the city centre, our-self contained apartments are amongst the best apartment accommodation in Cairns. We offer free Airport drop-off (certain times only; subject to availability) for departing guests only, and a free shuttle bus service that goes to the Cairns shopping precinct.

For the holiday maker our Tour Desk can arrange all tour bookings, car hire and even onward travel arrangements.

# Certain times only; subject to availability.


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The Apartments

Modern Furnishings

All our Cairns apartments feature air conditioning, ceiling fans, queen size beds, private balconies, kitchen facilities, television, room safes, direct dial telephones, Wifi and so much more.


The Location

Central Cairns Location

Short walk to shops, restaurants, and the Esplanade. Free shuttle to Cairns CBD. Reef Palms Motel Apartments is quiet and private, yet close to all, including the Reef & Rainforest.


The Rates

Value For Money

Fully self contained, in a great location with easy access to everything Cairns and its surrounds has to offer. Great value affordable apartments for singles, families or business travelers.


The Convenience of Reef Palms Cairns Motel

Whether you are in Cairns for a short weekend with friends or planning on taking a long vacation with family, going to Reef Palms Motels Cairns is always a good choice. When you opt for staying in Reef Palms Motels Cairns, you can ensure that you will get to do many fun activities that no other hotels or motels can ever offer.

Choosing Reef Palms becomes even more important when planning a holiday to a tropical place like Cairns. Because in Reef Palms, you can enjoy nature in its purest form.

Limited Budget? No Problem

Reef Palms tends to be cheaper than all the other motels in Cairns. Yet, Reef Palms Motels Cairns still offer all the facilities that these motels and hotels have to offer.

People have fixed budgets for their holidays and therefore are always on the lookout for options in accommodation that provides them with maximum facilities at a reasonable price. Cairns Reef Apartments score very high in this category. Almost all the facilities that you would want and expect from a good, high-level hotel are available here and yet their prices are pretty cheap in comparison to hotels and motels in Cairns. Thus, by booking Reef Palms as your destination Cairns Motel, you can save money on accommodation and use it for participating in other fun activities offered in Cairns instead.

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Consistently at the Top of Motels in Cairns

A brief stay in Cairns Reef Apartments can make you realize why there is no exaggeration in ranking Reef Palms motel as one of the top Motels in Cairns, according to TripAdvisor rankings. Although the tropical city of Cairns contains numerous hotels and motels with modern amenities and a charming exterior as well as interiors, you will be unable to find the quaint atmosphere and warm hospitality anywhere other than in Reef Palms Motels Cairns.

The Cairns Reef Apartments are spacious, clean, and devoid of any sign of defects or unhygienic elements. As the Reef Palms’ staff have been making sure that the place is spotless and up-to-code since the beginning of the Pandemic. Additionally, the rooms have all the basic amenities and the quintessential element of comfort that only a home offers. You can just sleep like a baby with no noises inside or outside your room.

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The Scenic View of Cairns Reef Apartments

An accommodation in Reef Palms Motels Cairns means you are never far away from the popular sightseeing locations in Cairns. The tropics are just a few miles away from the motel. There are also plenty of opportunities for hiking and swimming at nearby places. A visit to the famous shops and cafes owned by the town residents that draws most tourists from faraway places is only a few miles away from the motel which makes accommodation in Reef Palms all the more memorable.

The motel is located near the scenic beauty of the tropics and has many delightful spots close by. You can visit the lakes or you can enjoy swimming in the pools provided by the motel during the day. You can also enjoy a blissful sleep at the motel during the night effortlessly.

Besides the fact that Reef Palms is a central Cairns Motel and therefore, any guest staying in the motel automatically comes close to nature, Reef Palms also help their guests in observing nature up close and in all its glory by arranging trips at various hours of the day. Therefore, if you want to see the tropics at sunrise or at the time of sunset, Reef Palms motel can help in arranging your preferred trip exclusively for you at those hours.

The Cairns Motel you choose has a huge impact on the level of enjoyment that you will have on your trip, and this chooses accommodation a very important decision. Cairns Reef Apartments by Reef Palms are a great option and will surely add to the fun of staying in Cairns.

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A Cairns Motel that Feels Like Home

No matter how far you have traveled, the most comfortable place seems to be your own home. A home is a place, where you can unwind yourself after a busy day. If you love traveling, but long for a motel to experience a homely environment, there is no better place than Reef Palms motel. The most striking quality of Reef Palms motel that makes it the first choice of Motels in Cairns for travelers who are craving a homely environment is its excellent hospitality and comfortable atmosphere.

Reef Palms motel is owned by a family, so the emphasis is on providing comfort to the guests so that their stay can become as relaxing as possible. The friendly staff members left no stone unturned so that they can ensure their guests check out with a smile on their faces. The motel remains open around the clock and contains impeccably clean no-smoking rooms with multiple amenities including a free Wi-Fi facility which makes things smoother for travelers who wish to do some official work too while enjoying their holiday in nature.

The rooms are devoid of any fancy extravagant decorations so that the guests can feel more at home than in a hotel. Reef Palms’ staff focuses more on cleanliness and providing guests with a quiet atmosphere where they can sleep without disturbance. There are also rooms for those who are physically disabled so that they can have no difficulty in staying in the motel during their holiday and can access all the amenities effortlessly.

The motel is also close to grocery stores so that you can always stock up your supplies whenever needed while returning from sightseeing, fishing, or any other fun activities in the nearby areas without making an effort.

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